Solution for: /usr/lib/ no version information available

The Problem

After my last upgrade I went into serious problems with sendmail-mta simply refusing to send email and emitting the following error message:

/usr/lib/ no version information available

The Cause

Unfortunately my debian package system was not able to resolve the problem by itself. After digging into the matter I found out that the problem is apparently that libdb-4.5 in lower versions (prior to 4.5.5) uses no proper symbol versioning.

Another symptom was the following message:

> /etc/init.d/sendmail status
MSP: is run via cron (20m)
MTA: is not running
QUE: Same as MTA

showing that MTA is obviously not running.

The Solution

So I went for a manual upgrade of libdb-4.5 (to version 4.5.7 in my case) by downloading the deb-package from here and doing an

> dpkg --install libdb4.5_4.5.20-7_i386.deb

After that I simply restarted sendmail

> /etc/init.d/sendmail restart

and the problem disappeared.

If this post helped you, leave me a message. :)

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